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At Salon Website Design, we not only provide your salon with an affordable website, but we also provide you with the option to utilize our effective salon internet marketing strategies.
Our Salon Website Design Services Include:

• Website Design for Salons
• Salon Web Site Hosting
• Search Engine Optimization Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Website Pay-Per-Click Management
• Website Directory Listings

Already Have a Website? Try Our marketing services.

Great! With Salon Website Design, you can utilize any one of our marketing or web design services, with no obligation to use the rest! We can market your pre-existing website for you, without you having to redesign your site through us.

We work with our salons to provide a combination of any or all of the following services: Website Design, Search Engine Promotion, Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management, Email Marketing, and Website Directory Listings. Through the combination of these services, we are able to get our clients the maximum exposure possible through the usage internet marketing.

The Web has become a monster in marketing for every business imaginable. With over 400 million internet searches conducted PER DAY, marketing your website should definitely be a priority on your list. From small to large, salons all over the country are acquiring new customers every day through internet marketing, and you should to!

In order to succeed with internet marketing for your salon, you will need what it takes to be ranked high on the search engines, and have a broad reach throughout the internet to get new clients. Most Web Designers are great at just that—Web Design. When it comes to internet marketing however, they wouldn’t know where to start, or are mediocre at best. That is where we come into the picture. At Salon Website Design, our specialists specialize first and foremost in Salon Web Marketing, and have teamed with the best in salon website design to accommodate the needs of our clients without a website.

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Owning your own website and properly marketing it can be greatly beneficial for your salon!
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Step One

Salon Website Design

Having the right Website Design is vital to attracting new customers. If your website is dull or boring, potential customers may not find enough information or be enticed to visit. If your website is too flashy, potential customers may find it hard to find what they’re looking for, or get frustrated by waiting for each page to load. At Salon Website Design, we find the right, professional web design balance to help you attract phone calls from your potential leads. Whether you choose our salon web template design service, or our custom web design service, we will be sure to make your website look great and capture the look and feel you desire.

Step Two

Salon Website Search Engine Optimization Marketing

So, now you've got the perfect website. Great! The problem is: what good is a Salon website, without any visitors? Or worse, what good is a Salon website with many visitors, but none of which result in sales for your Salon? At Salon Website Design, we work with our clients side by side to know what their main areas of expertise are, and optimize their sites to rank well on search engines for those keywords.

Step Three

Pay-Per-click Management for your Salon Website

Internet Marketing was revolutionized through Google Adwords and Overture. We manage your accounts and optimize them to get you the maximum amount of clicks that can generate into clients, so you don't have to pay for clicks from people who aren't looking for what you provide. For example, a person looking for a salon in Delaware, most likely will not be willing to travel to Los Angeles for his or her hair needs. We make sure that the clicks you pay for are more targeted, and therefore more likely to generate leads. However, we do not recommend Pay-Per-Click Advertisements for websites of all types. We will be sure to let you know if we feel that your salon can benefit from the exposure gained through this form of advertising.

Step Four

Directory Listings for Your Salon Website

In many cases, internet directory listings prove to be an effective way to market your salon. Many people like to search through directories for a variety of reasons. Before we suggest directory listings, we will be sure to research your area and see if there are any directories or websites in which you should be listed.

Step Five

Email Marketing of Your Salon Website

After completing the steps above, which were mainly geared towards acquiring new customers, email marketing is the best follow-up in relationship building for your existing customers! We highly suggest the capability of collecting customer information and inserting it into a database for Email Marketing Purposes. At Salon Website Design, we know that a large part of your business' success is not just getting new customers, but also retaining the old ones. That is why we will provide you with the ability to collect the email addresses of visitors to your website through "opt-in" mechanisms, and of course, the ability to market to all of them through sending out emails to announce special promotions and or events. Building a strong relationship with your customers is much easier through the use of the internet marketing, email marketing, and your salon website.